The Case Files of Jeweler Richard (宝石商リチャード氏の謎鑑定?) is the first volume of the The Case Files of Jeweler Richard series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Seigi rescued a beautiful foreigner named Mr. Richard from a group of drunkards who were picking a fight with him. Learning that he is an expert jeweler with customers both in Japan and overseas, Seigi requests from him an appraisal of a pink sapphire with an interesting history that he never told anyone about before. When Mr. Richard unravels the heartrending "mystery" hidden in the jewel that his grandmother protected until the day she died, what is revived in Seigi's heart...?

Characters in Order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chapters[edit | edit source]

  • Case 1: "Justice of the Pink Sapphire" (ピンク・サファイアの正義, Pinku Safaia no Seigi?)
  • Case 2: "The Ruby's Truth" (ルビーの真実, Rubii no Shinjitsu?)
  • Case 3: "The Amethyst's Divine Protection" (アメシストの加護, Ameshisuto no Kago?)
  • Case 4: "Diamond of Recollection" (記憶のダイヤモンド, Kioku no Daiyamondo?)
  • Extra Case: "Wish Upon a Rose Quartz" (ローズクオーツに願いを, Roozu Kuootsu ni Negai o?)

Short Stories[edit | edit source]

  • Cleopatra's Pearls
  • Professor Kunz and Morgan

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