Seigi Nakata (中田正義, Nakata Seigi?), is one of the two protagonists of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard series. He is a second-year business student at Kasaba University and is currently working part-time at Jewelry Étranger.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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He has short messy black hair with identically colored thin eyebrows. Seigi has amber eyes (in the anime, his eye color is dark brown) and is seen wearing a range of collared shirts in various colors including olive green and midnight blue. He usually wears these shirts with the sleeves rolled up near his elbows and over an undershirt.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Taking after his name, Seigi has a strong sense of justice. He also has a friendly, bright, and straightforward personality.

History[edit | edit source]

Seigi's parents divorced when he was a child and he went with his mother who married Mr.Nakata afterwards. Seigi's moved away from his mother and step father and started living alone in an apartment during his college.

Seigi spent most of his childhood with his grandmother. She even named him which suited his personality as he had a strong sense of justice.

One day, as a child Seigi found a red sapphire ring that in his opinion was really pretty. But his grandmother took it for him and put it in a drawer and told him "Seigi, you mustn't do bad things. You'll pay for them."

Later when she died Seigi asked Richard to analyze the ring because he was told that it's a fake sapphire. Richard asked Seigi if the ring was stolen and Seigi told him that his grandmother used to be a pickpocket. She was a single parent and was raising a child alone and so she became a pickpocket to survive. One day, in the train she saw a woman wearing a red sapphire ring which she stole out of her desires. She later tried to return it but the owner refused to take it back and his grandmother kept it till the day she died. Siegi thought that it was a burden on his grandmother so he looked into the case to find the owner of the ring but failed. Richard later took Seigi to an old lady who was the former owner of that ring. The lady again refused to take the ring. It was like a prison to her and asked Seigi to keep it.

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

Richard Ranashinha de Vulpian[edit | edit source]

He first meets Richard when the latter was being harassed and targeted by three drunkards and rescues him. Upon knowing that Richard was a Jewelry appraiser, he asks him to appraise the pink sapphire ring his grandmother had stolen when she was younger and to find the original owner of the ring in order to apologize and return the ring back. He currently works under Richard as a part timer and helps Richard solve the mysteries revolving amongst the gems that they come across. He describes Richard as an extremely beautiful man, even going as far as monologuing Richard's beauty in and out of his mind as well as getting dazed multiple times whenever he sees Richard. At first Seigi regarded Richard as someone who feels like an "older brother" to him especially since Richard is the one who corrects his behaviour and careless speech that could give customers discomfort or offense, but it seems as though that his feelings for Richard runs deeper than just that.

In the novel, there are moments where Richard and Seigi seemingly flirt with each other and are often mistaken as a romantic couple by others. Their relationship is very close as they are able to say how much they like each other in both the anime and novel, however, it is unknown whether they mean it romantically or platonically.

Shouko Tanimoto[edit | edit source]

She is Seigi's friend and crush. They first meet each other at the crossroad where Seigi stops her from being tricked by a perverted old man. She has a big love for minerals and thus she usually helps Seigi know more about the gems he comes across in Richard's shops.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name, Seigi (正義) means justice in Japanese.
  • Seigi can do household chores as a whole, and his specialty is pudding.

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