Seigi Nakata (中田正義, Nakata Seigi?) is one of the two protagonists of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard series. He is a second-year business student at Kasaba University and is currently working part time at Jewelry Etranger.

Appearance Edit

Seigi anime design

He has short messy black hair with identically colored thin eyebrows. Seigi has orangey red eyes and is seen wearing a range of collared shirts in various colors including olive green and midnight blue. He usually wears these shirts with the sleeves rolled up near his elbows and over an undershirt.

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Taking after his name, Seigi has a strong sense of justice. He also has a bright and straightforward personality.

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Richard Ranashinha de Vulpian Edit

Rescuing him from drunkards one night, he requests that Richard identify gems.

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