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Richard Ranashinha de Vulpian (リチャード・ラナシンハ・ドヴルピアン, Richādo Ranashinha Dovurupian?) is the titular character and a protagonist of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard series.

Appearance Edit

Richard anime designs

He has light honey blond colored, medium-length wavy hair. It is styled with the fringe parted and swept over to his left where it still keeps Richard's icy blue eyes visible.

He tends to wear formal clothing including a light pastel lavender colored suit over a blueish collared shirt underneath with a purple tie.

 Personality Edit

History Edit

A skilled jeweler with customers all over the world. Richard is described as an exquisite beauty that transcends gender, and also as living jewels.

He is multilingual

Story Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Multilingual: Richard is able to fluently converse in multiple languages, including Japanese.

Relationships Edit

Seigi Nakata Edit

He is rescued by this university student from a groups of drunkards one night. Together they begin to solve mysteries surrounding the jewels they come across as well as their owners.

Trivia Edit

  • Richard is a quarter Sri Lankan from his grandmother. [1]

References Edit

  1. Volume 1, Case 1

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